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How to CRUSH high blood pressure with Hemp Seeds!

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Hey all,Welcome back to another episode of 3 Question Friday. Today I am answering three questions that I received during the week about blood pressure, hemp seed oil, and supplements! Geraldine was curious “I have read online that...

Here is how you can fuel your weight-loss with Hemp Protein!

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Last week we had a question from Carlee was wondering ‘Why hemp seed protein is sometimes referred to as a ‘skinny protein?’ In the past our head nutritionist Ben has discussed how energy balance is the most important...

The reason Hemp is called a 'skinny protein'

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Hey all! We are really starting to get into the groove of things with these questions, and I'm loving being able to answer them all for you. This week we have selected the following questions to be featured in our 3...

The reason that our bodies NEED magnesium.

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Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte in the body that has a role in over 300 different systems in the body. Some of magnesium main roles are maintaining healthy nerve and muscle function, energy production, production of...

This is what happens when you heat your Hemp Hearts!

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Don’t heat foods in plastics! Toxins found in plastics can leak into foods, disrupting many bodily systems, in particular hormones (eg. oestrogen and testosterone). Storing in plastic is ok!  

Improve your sleep with Hemp Seeds!

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Hemp Seeds contain high amounts of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. These amino acids produce chemicals in the brain that help to regulate our mood, behaviour and sleeping patterns. Melatonin is our sleep chemical and...

Vegetarians are upping their Amino Acids from Hemp Seeds!

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Last Friday we received a really good question from Kate, who was wondering how many essential amino acids there are in Hemp Seeds and also whether they can help her to build muscle.  I wanted to address this...