Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is made from Cold Pressing Hemp Seeds. It is completely legal to consume as a general healthy oil with lots of essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It will not show up in drug tests as it contains only a trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Hemp Plant Extract is made by extracting compounds from the Hemp flowers and leaves (not seeds). It contains compounds you hear about on the news and in media like CBD, CBG etc that may be used for medical purposes. It is totally illegal to have or consume in Australia without a Doctors's prescription.


Drug Test:

Our Hemp Seeds contain less than 1% THC and are tested prior to every harvest by The Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) and therefore will not show up in any drug test. 😃


Hemp Medical:

It's great to hear from you and we are happy to answer all questions about Hemp and how it can help with health but we legally (and responsibly) can't give any advice that is related to Medical conditions etc.

But firstly it is good just to clarify what is the current situation with Hemp and to try and clear up a huge amount of misinformation that is out there.


The only thing legalised for sale in Australia is food and skincare products made from Hemp Seeds. Hemp seeds are pressed to make Hemp Hearts (cracked Hemp seeds), Hemp Oil (pressed from the seed, like Olive Oil) and Hemp Protein/ Flour. Hemp Seeds contain only a tiny, tiny trace amount of THC (the compound that can make you high) and that is how Hemp is different from Marijuana.


Part of the change in the law that allowed us to use Hemp Seeds also specified that we cannot use any other part of the plant in any way otherwise we will be charged as if it was Marijuana. To use, consume or possess any part of the plant other than the seeds is also totally illegal and you will be charged like it was Marijuana.


Now lots of people are selling things on the net with big medical claims around Medicinal Marijuana and Hemp but that too is illegal to do in Australia. The only way you can access those things is to talk to your doctor and get a prescription.


That way you are allowed to use it and have it, otherwise, it is illegal.


What studies have shown as well is the stuff (CBD Oil etc) being sold on the net illegally to Australian's often does not contain CBD at all or very minimal amounts. While the potential of the medical side of Hemp is exciting we still need to have more research done so we know exactly how it impacts with other medicines and health conditions so that is why it is critical you seek medical advice.


HEMP SEEDS (Legal) - Pressed for HEMP OIL - Like an Olive Oil and Fish Oil combined and tastes great (nutty). It’s packed full of Omega 3, Anti-inflammatory properties. You can purchase it from our store for $29.95 (500ml)


HEMP FLOWERS AND LEAVES - Compounds extracted in a laboratory - Contains cannabinoids like CBD etc - Illegal to have or consume without a Doctor's prescription. Cost $300+ for 30ml


We hope that goes some way in explaining the current situation around Hemp in Australia at the moment!