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Hemp 'Health Booster' Pack
J.S. (Sydney, AU)
Pain free

Have been taking your 13 seeds Hemp seed oil for 4 months.Great improvement in bone pain lower back.My skin also looks good.let's hope this continues. Julia.

Thank you so much Julia for your review on our Hemp 'Health Booster' Pack. We're so glad to know the improvements in your bone pain and also to the improvements of your skin. If you need assistance, please feel free to shoot us a message.

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
Jane Viner (Melbourne, AU)
Happy Customer

Since taking the therapy joint capsules I gave reduced the pain killers for my knee.
More movement and so happy with the results.

Thanks Jane for your feedback! We are happy to know that our Therajoint+ made you reduced pain killers

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
Leslie Bennett (Melbourne, AU)
Very Happy

On my second jar and have to say it seems to work very well. My lower back pain is well and truly under control.
I shall stick with it, thanking you folks.

Thank you very much Leslie for your feedback! We are happy to know that the lower back pain has been lessened.

Hemp Seed Oil 500ml
Sandra Smith (Brisbane, AU)

combining hemp seed oil with other supplements, to try and slow my terminal lymphoma. Have only been on it 2-3 months and are still living a pretty normal life, so time will tell. Barry. I need to change the account name, as its under my wife Sandra

Hey Sandra! Thank you very much for your feedback! We hope that you get even better in the coming days

Hemp Seed Oil
Andrew Byl (Denpasar, ID)
Seems to work well

Being taking it for a while and certainly works me.

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are happy that you are liking our hemp seed oil.

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
T.D. (Brisbane, AU)
A noticeable reduction in pain

I have been taking TheraJoint+ for about two months. I have a form of arthritis that is quite painful and degenerative. The Doctor prescribed medication I was taking for 12 months was completely useless with regard to pain relief but had significant side effects. I have stopped taking those and now only take TheraJoint+. My pain has been reduced markedly. I feel better than I have in years. Amazing!

Wow Theresa! Thank you so much for your feedback, we are happy that the pain has been lessened already, glad that you feel better now.

Inflammation Crusher Pack
Martha Yeboah (Sydney, AU)

Really good product love it I would recommend to my friends and family

Thank you so much Martha for your feedback! We are happy that you love to recommend them to your family or friends.

Hemp Seed Oil 500ml
paul (Melbourne, AU)

Great product and very happy with service.

Thank you very much Paul for your feedback! We are happy that you are loving our product and service!

Aimi Kerr (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Pain relief free

Since taking therajoint my need for pain relief has greatly reduce some days taking none at all. I have seen started the hemp seed oil and looking forwards to the result
Thanks 13seeds

Thank you very much for your feedback Aimi! We are very happy that your pain has reduced because of our Therajoint+ We are excited to hear from you soon!

Hemp Seed Oil
Ellie Dunnett (Brisbane, AU)
Aussie made !!

We found hemp oil about a year ago. It has done wonders for my husbands shoulder pain and my back pain and inflammation of my ankle (due to an old break, which has pins). I am about to order it for Mum for her arthritis and for her little shitzu who has hip dysplacia. I know it will help them both. And knowing it is an Australian made product makes me confident that I am buying a quality product. We are travelling this beautiful country, so it is great to be able to order it directly from the manufacturer instead of having to search the shops!!

Thank you so much Ellie for your feedback! We thank you for sharing our product with your husband and mum. We are very happy that our products is helping the pains and inflammation.

Not hard to wake up in the morning!

Very good ingredients, not to big and hard to swallow and its not hard to wake up in the morning.
I will def. be reordering these!

Thank you very much Salina for your feedback! Yes, the capsule size is not that big! It's good to know that our Theranight+ is making a positive improvements in your sleep.

Love that they are gluten free

I have celiac so it is great these are gluten free. I give them 4 stars as there is no grogginess and they work really well! Only issue is that the pills are large and you need to take two.

Thank you so much Michelle! It's good to know that our Theranight+ is making a good improvement on your body.

Really good, helps me relax

I have anxiety and these are really good for me. They help me relax, sleep and put me in a good mood.

Thank you very much Angela for your review! We are happy that our Theranight+ is helping you with your Anxiety.

Helps you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer

Also, you are not groggy when you wake up and no brain fogs.

Thank you very much Kelly for your feedback! We are very happy that our Therajoint+ is making a positive improvements on you and no grogginess.

This works very well

Within a half an hour you can already feel the sleepiness coming. I have trouble staying asleep and 2 of these helped me sleep 4-6 hours straight.

Thank you very much Allison for your review! We are very happy that our Theranight+ is making positive improvements on your sleep.

They work very well

Take about 2 hours before bed and it really does work!

Thank you very much Allora for your review! We are very happy that you are loving our product!

Complete Protein Powder
Rod (Melbourne, AU)
Not yet

I'm not into smoothies and haven't yet found another suitable combination.

Thank you very much Rod for your feedback. You may find different recipes with our products here:

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
best on the market

I have been using for quite a while and I was running out of these tablets, as we are on the road travelling. While waiting for my order I purchased another well known quality brand. I had one tablet left and when I received my 13 Seeds order, I compared the two tablets. It was like black and white. The 13 seeds tablet was so much richer in colour. Will try not to run out again.

Thank you very much Alanna for your comparison feedback. We don't want to comment on other products in the market as we don't know which brand or what they put in, but can give you the reasons why (we think) our Therajoint+ are the best ones :)

1. Therajoint+ is made in Australia but from imported ingredients from India. It is made in Melbourne, to Australian standards in a TGA-approved facility.

2. We have thousands of real reviews from happy customers where they state the benefits they derived from our Therajoint+.

3. We are direct to the consumer, so we don't sell our products through chains and don't need to compromise on quality to get a certain margin.

We're obviously biased but we truly do believe our products are outstanding.

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
Cynthia Wildman (Sydney, AU)

Love this product, really helps my arthritis (lower back), my only wish is I could take it twice daily then I wouldn't have to worry about taking pain pills at night. Thankyou all for making TheraJoint_

We are happy Cynthia that our Therajoint+ helped you in your arthritis. We hope that you get even better in the coming days!

Hemp Seed Oil
Ruth Murnain (Sydney, AU)
Time will tell....

Impressed with product, still assessing benefits. Service & delivery prompt thankyou.

Thank you so much Ruth for your feedback! If you need assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Hemp Seed Oil Capsules (90 Pack x 6)
Liza Mostard (Melbourne, AU)
Happy with the results

My husband has been using 13 Seeds now for about a month. He continues to be happy with the results and while he has had a few episodes of pain, usually associated with prolonged activity, he has not had any flares that have left him in pain for days unable to do anything. I don't hear him in pain the way he was, prior to starting the 13 Seeds. He is now able to walk the dog regularly, which had all but stopped and he keeps up a good pace with his walking. We are both very happy with the results and will not stop using this product.

Wow Liza! That is a great news! Were happy that our products provides good benefits on your husband. Hope he can do more things in the future!

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
Denise Naffa (Nunawading, AU)
Pain free

I am very happy with Therajoint, eases arthritic pain and would advise friends to use it too. I don't do videos or photos very well. Sorry .

Thank you Denise! It's good to know that our Therajoint+ helped with your arthritic pain! We hope that you get even better in the coming days!

Hemp Muesli
Shari Davis (Gunnedah, AU)

Hands down the most delicious muesli I have ever had. 1/4 cup soaked in 1/2 cup of almond milk overnight, topped with coconut yoghurt , absolutely the bomb, fuels me for hours & is so darn delicious. Highly recomend.

Sounds like a perfect combo! Thank you so much Shari for purchasing with us, were glad that you like our products.

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
Helen Morrow (Brisbane, AU)
Relief at last

After only taking this capsule for a few days I noticed I had less pain and soreness in my hand and fingers. No more pain when I bump myself as I struggle to pick up heavy items.

That is a great news Helen! We are very glad that you do not struggle anymore when picking up heavy items, wish you can do more things in the future!

TheraJoint+ Turmeric Capsules
Customer (Adelaide, AU)
Recommended Product

I highly recommend this high quality therajoint capsules as well as the hemp seed oil. I have found them to be especially helpful with my damaged knee and keeps the pain at bay.

Thank you very much! We are happy that our Therajoint+ and hemp seed oil is helping you to improve your damaged knees. We hope that you get even better in the coming days!