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This is what happens when you heat your Hemp Hearts!

This is what happens when you heat your Hemp Hearts! - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another 3 question Friday, this week we will be diving into these three questions that I receive during the week: 

Judy asked “How much magnesium do I need and how much hemp seeds do I need to take to meet my daily requirements?"

Sandra was curious “If I heat the hemp hearts in the microwave will they lose their nutritional goodness?”

Margaret was wondering What’s the best way to store hemp seed oil and can I use it for cooking like olive oil?”


1. Magnesium intakes and using Hemp Seeds to meet my daily requirements.

Magnesium is important mineral that we need from the diet and plays a role in over 300 different systems in the body. Magnesium’s main roles include muscle relaxation, production of energy, and production of brain chemicals that regulate our mood… just to name a few.

RDI (recommended daily intake) of magnesium is 320mg for females and 420mg for males

Just 50g of hemp hearts contains approx. 320mg of magnesium (the exact RDI for females). Males need to consume slightly more.

Magnesium can also be found in high amounts in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.


2. Heating Hemp Hearts. Do they lose their nutritional goodness?

WHO (world health organisation) states that microwaves are safe to use, as long as you use them as directed!

A couple of things though… don’t stand too close (Aim to stand at least 50cm away from the microwave)

Don’t heat foods in plastics! Toxins found in plastics can leak into foods, disrupting many bodily systems, in particular hormones (eg. oestrogen and testosterone). Storing in plastic is ok!

Hemp hearts don’t lose nutritional value when heated.


3. The best way to store Hemp Seed Oil and using it for cooking.

Hemp seed is best stored in a cool dry place, the cupboard is generally perfect for most people.

Yes, you can use hemp seed oil like olive oil, because hemp seed oil has a smoking point of 165 degrees Celsius, so the fatty acids found in hemp seeds will not degrade up until 165 degrees. However, you can still heat at up to 240 degrees for 30 minutes with no nutrient losses.

Hemp seed oil is great for pan fry, grilling, roasting, and even salads. Best not to deep fry though!



Congratulations to this week’s winners for asking some great questions! Judy, Sandra and Margaret – I have sent you all an email with your $20 gift card as a reward!

As always feel free to send all questions to me at


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