Hemp Seeds and Oil have been used for centuries for their incredible nutritional and healing benefits. Not only are their properties and abilities unique in the plant kingdom but they also taste great and can nourish us on the inside and outside as well. At 13 Seeds Hemp Farm we are endeavouring to grow the very best chemical free and nutrient dense Hemp Seeds in the pristine farmland of Tasmania. We then process these with care and love to produce delicious and super nutritious health giving Hemp Food Products and amazing All Natural Hemp Skincare that your whole family can enjoy and trust.


13 SEEDS signs Exclusive National Distribution Agreement with Bio Living International. “The agreement offers 13 SEEDS the opportunity to really launch our brand, build market share and generate revenue for further growth” noted 13 SEEDS Co-Director Terry Memory.

13 SEEDS enters joint venture with HB&B Brewing to produce Hemp Craft Beer range. "Initial trials have proven to be very positive and HB&B bring a huge amount of Kraft Beer brewing knowledge to the venture" We are targeting to have the range commercially available by Q4 2018.

Construction work has begun on the 13 SEEDS processing and food manufacturing centre to double warehouse and storage capacity. Cygnet Brand Constructions have begun further work in the redevelopment of our current processing factory area to give us ability to store our 2018 Hemp Seed harvest due in Mar/Apr this year. 

  • Be The Change?

    Trust is perhaps the biggest issue facing you and I today or more specifically… Who to trust?

    That is one of the reasons we started 13 Seeds.

    We all want to be healthy and well. We want to be good stewards of the planet and environment. We want to support local people and local economy. We want our children to inherit a legacy of action and purpose.

    You are invited to our farm anytime. To see how we do what we do and hear why. No flashy Head Office, Marketing Department or pumped up Sales Team. Just gumboots, vision and hard work. We are motivated by our passion to make a difference and we want to share that with everyone.

    It's about ‘Being The Change’.

    Hemp Farm Tasmania


High quality hemp products that taste great and are 100% natural and healthy. My favourites are the hemp protein, the hemp oil, and the hempamole (Black pepper and lemon.) Premium ridgy didge customer service from these guys on the phone. Even on their day off. Great people and an Australian business worth supporting.

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your gorgeous products. My skin seems to get happier and happier with continued use and people often comment now on how well I'm looking (not bad for a 48 year old single mother of three!).

Hi Seeds, just to let you know I have been loving your Hemp Porridge and Hemp Oil I got at the Hemp Expo. I have been using XXXXX brand oil for the last year and I can't believe the difference in yours. Tastes so much better and the Porridge is already a fave. Keep up the great work and go Tassie!

Welcome to 13 Seeds

Two families - One Vision. When we started 13 Seeds in 2013 we wanted to start really learning how to produce nutrient dense Hemp Seed that we could then use to make a range of Super Healthy products.

We had to start with the soil and have already invested heavily into organically boosting nutrient levels and microbial activity. We have also invested into research on sustainable irrigation, carbon capture and chemical free farming.

We have employed lots of really clever local people to help us in build our knowledge base. Our goal is to grow some of the cleanest, greenest and most nutritious Hemp Seeds in the world using only sustainable conscious farming practices and then making exciting and innovative products from them.

We will also partner many of the artisan food and product makers throughout Tasmania to find clever ways to incorporate Hemp into products they already have and create. Please feel free to drop us a line or come and see our Hemp Farm when you are next in Tasmania.

Plant Based and Chemical Free - Perfect Plant Protein

Our Hemp Seeds are not only a great source of Protein but also Omega 3 and 6, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc. Our Hemp Food products are easily digestible within your body allowing you to receive maximum nutrition from them. With 13 new and innovative products to choose from (more on the way!) now is the time to make Hemp Food a vital part of any health and wellness plan for you and your family.

Professional Hemp Based Skincare and Beauty Products

Not only is Hemp Oil great for you on the inside but outside as well. Hemp has incredibly anti-ageing and anti-inflamatory properties and mimics the skins very own Lipids to deeply hydrate tired damaged skin. Great for sensitive skin and hypo-allegenic sufferers our range of All Natural Toxin Free Skincare sets a New Standard in Hemp Skincare