13 Seeds Hemp Farm is in the Huon Valley in Tasmania. It is a place of mist filled valleys, distant snow capped mountains and shimmering rivers and waterways. It is truly a beautiful place to live.

We started growing Hemp on our farm many years ago and now with the growth of 13 Seeds we contract farmers in both Tasmania and New Zealand to grow premium chemical free Hemp for us as well. We are investing heavily into producing Nutrient Dense Hemp Seed with elevated levels of CBD, Omega Fatty Acids and Gamma Linolenic Acid using the latest in sustainable micro-biological farming practices.

Our Hemp Journey started over ten years ago when we cured one of our kids with Hemp Seed Oil who was suffering from Chronic Psoriasis at the time. We experienced first hand what a truly amazing plant Hemp is and the numerous ways it can bring health and healing to everyone. 13 Seeds was our dream from that day and we are delighted to see so many people supporting and encouraging all that we do.

Its great that something has brought you to our website and we would love you to join us on our exciting Hemp journey! We really appreciate your support and love to get feedback on how you believe we can make 13 Seeds a business that we all share in and can be truly proud off.

Lastly, and most importantly... Its great to have you here and welcome to our 13 Seeds Community - Terry and Gemma x

Hemp Farm

Being the Change...

Trust is perhaps the biggest issue facing you and I today or more specifically... Who to trust? 

That is one of the reasons we started 13 Seeds.

We all want to be healthy and well. We want to be good stewards of the planet and environment. We want to support local people and local economy. We want our children to inherit a legacy of action and purpose. On our farm you won't find a flashy Head Office, Marketing Department or pumped up Sales Team. Just gumboots, vision and hard work. We are motivated by our passion to make a difference and we want to share that with everyone. 

It's about ‘Being The Change’.

Get Hemp Healthy with 13 Seeds Hemp Farm

You can now purchase leading Hemp Health Foods and Anti-Aging Hemp Skincare products direct from our farm in Southern Tasmania. With All Natural and Organically Certified ingredients, our innovative range of products (many Australian firsts!) are great for you... inside and out.

Hemp Porridge and Hemp Fruit Porridge

Our Hemp Porridge and Hemp Fruit Porridge (Australian firsts!) give you the perfect start to any day. With Plant-Protein, Omega 3 & 6, EFA's, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron, our highly nutritious porridge blends are a great options for IBS conditions and FOD shoppers. Choose between our Original  and Fruit version with Blueberries, Cranberries and Sultanan's. Made with our Chemical Free Hemp Hearts and Certified Organic Oats you must try some TODAY.

Hemp Muesli and Hemp Green Tea Muesli

Looking for a morning Muesli good enough to eat all day? Our Hemp Muesli and Hemp Muesli with Green Tea (Australian firsts!) are a premium selection of Natural and Certified Organic ingredients and of course, our own yummy and nutritious Hemp Seeds. Choose between our Original blends mix of Hemp, Almonds, Linseed and Apricots or our Green Tea version with Cranberries, Blueberries and Bran Flakes. We use great tasting powdered Organic Green Tea (Matcha) to give you an Anti-Oxidant kick start. Consuming Green Tea is 1100% more beneficial than drinking a cup of Green Tea if using equivalent amounts.