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Improve your Mental Health with Hemp!

Improve your Mental Health with Hemp! - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another 3 question Friday, this week we will be diving into these three topics. Topic one was a really great one that I would like to expand upon on Monday in light of Mental Health week that is starting tomorrow (Saturday October 10). 

1. Jenny asked ‘can hemp seeds help with anxiety/depression?’

2. Trish wanted to know ‘how much iron is found in hemp seeds?’

3. Cheryl was curious if ‘hemp seeds are addictive?’ 

1. Can hemp seeds help with anxiety/depression?

To begin addressing this point, it should be understood that anxiety/depression are generally not caused by a single factor, but can be a combination of factors that includes lifestyle factors, environmental factors, family history of mental health, psychosocial factors, nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and medications.

Anxiety and depression are both considered to be inflammatory conditions and hemp seed oil may provide some benefits due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also important to look at the bigger picture and consider all aspects of your life to have a better understanding as to why you might be experiencing anxiety and depression alongside consulting your health professional if you require further support. 


2. How much iron is found in hemp seeds?

Let's start addressing this point by understanding a little more about Iron's role in the human body. So, what is iron and why is it important?

Iron's main role is in red blood cell production that provides us with energy. Iron also plays a critical role in the immune system and there are two different types of iron in the diet -being haem sources found in red meat, and non-haem sources like hemp seeds.

Iron absorption is improved when non-haem sources (eg. hemp seeds) are consumed with Vitamin C foods. 

So now let's get into the numbers!

The Australian RDI for iron is 18mg for women who are menstruating and 8mg for women above the age of 50 or have undergone menopause. 

A good way to measure your iron intake through hemp seeds is by knowing that 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds contains roughly 3mg of iron.

If your diet is an area that you really want to improve on, I dive into all things diet and what foods you should be eating in our ‘Idle to vital in 90 days program’.

3. Are Hemp Seeds addictive?

 Simply put, NO!

The common misconception is that hemp seeds can get you high - this is because hemp seed oil is often mistaken with CBD oil, aka 'hemp oil' on the internet. 

The reason why hemp seeds are not addictive is because they only contain trace amounts (less than 1%) of THC and CBD (psychoactive compounds found in cannabis). Therefore there's nothing to worry about in regards to addiction as hemp seeds would be considered a food rather than a drug.

If you are concerned about Hemp Seed products, drug testing or effects - you may benefit from reading my previous blog 'Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil'.



I hope this helped to address all of your questions for the week and wanted to congratulate Jenny, Trish and Cheryl for winning a $20 voucher to spend on our store!

If you would like to have the chance to win a voucher - please don't hesitate to send me your questions at 


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