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Did you know this difference between CBD oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Did you know this difference between CBD oil and Hemp Seed Oil?! - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm


In July 2019, Australian’s were blessed with the great news that certain Hemp Seed products were becoming permitted for human consumption. The official changes to the Food Standard raised a range of questions, such as “What is the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil, that leaves one legalised and one remaining outlawed?”. So let’s dive in to discover the differences between the two Oils. 

The distinctive difference that sees CBD Oil outlawed in Australia, while Hemp Seed Oil is legalised.

The simplest way to understand the difference between the two products is to understand where they actually come from. Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the Hemp Seeds, which contain only trace amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). 

This differs from CBD Oil, which is solely extracted from the Cannabis Plant. Commonly, the plant is high in CBD and contains THC - which is why the Australian Government Department of Health (Office of Drug Control) currently prohibits the unprescribed sale of CBD Oil within Australia.

Hemp Seed Oil

We are able to create our Hemp Seed Oil by cold pressing our Hemp Seeds. This is a process that is taken to ensure that the oil retains all the nutrients within the seeds.

This allows us to keep all the Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals in the oil, meaning that the final product contains all the good stuff! As the Hemp Seed Oil contains less than 0.0075% CBD and less than 0.005% THC, we can guarantee that Hemp Seed products are safe to consume under Australian law.

As Hemp Seed Oil is legal for consumption in Australia, it is easy to access and is affordable.

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

CBD Oil differs from Hemp Seed Oil as it is created by extracting the CBD from the Cannabis plant. This is commonly sought after for the medicinal benefits. This can only be accessed in Australia by prescription from your doctor, granted that they have access to the Special Access Scheme Approval. Given the restrictions on CBD Oil, it can be difficult to access and is quite expensive.

You may have heard of CBD products in overseas markets - like America, however be careful when purchasing online as often these get seized upon entry to Australia by Australian Customs.


So is Hemp Seed Oil and Foods safe?


Hemp Seed Oil is safe and actually has a wide range of health benefits! It is a product that is rich in nutrients and can be consumed in foods and drinks, or used externally as a moisturiser. 

We are proud of our current range and can guarantee that all 13 Seeds Hemp Foods are tested prior to every harvest by DPIPWE in Tasmania, and given the tick of approval!


Interested in trying Hemp Seed Oil?

We have a range of sizes available on our online store. Perfect for those who are just starting their Hemp Healthy journey, and perfect for those who have been using Hemp Oil since 2019! You can try these products:




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