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Hemp Seeds have THIS MANY amino acids?

Hemp Seeds have THIS MANY amino acids?! - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another episode of our 3 Question Friday! 

1. Dave asked "What are the benefits of Manuka Honey and Hemp Seeds?"

2. Kate is a vegetarian and was curious about "How many essential amino acids do Hemp Seeds contain? And can they help to build muscle?"

3. Jenelle was wondering "Will Hemp Seeds help to treat Psoriasis?"

1. The reason that Manuka Honey and Hemp Seeds are a match made in heaven.

What's great about Manuka honey is that it’s a potent anti-microbial. Whats a microbe you may ask? A microbe is germ, one of the most common ones you might know is bacteria. Manuka honey can assist the immune system in fighting off various types of germs.

When you combine all the benefits Hemp Seeds and Manuka honey you have one hell of a product! We have created this by combining the two together in our Hemp Manuka Honey. Did I mention that it’s also delicious when added to your breakfast meals? 

2. Hemp Seeds are packed with Amino Acids, and this food can be used to increase muscle development.

Well, the first part to this is simple! Hemp Seeds contain all 9 essential amino acids (building blocks of protein). Essential amino acids are amino acids that can’t be made by the body, so are required from the diet. This is why hemp seeds are so well suited to a vegetarian/vegans diet.

Whats important for muscle growth is making sure that we get enough protein from the diet throughout the day. There is some evidence to suggest that there is slightly less absorption of protein in the vegan/vegetarian diet and therefor is suggested to consume about 10-20% more protein than animal-based diets. Eg. 60kg vegetarian/vegan female = approx. 70g protein daily

Our Hemp Protein Powder contains a punching 15g of protein with one serve! By simply adding this to your shakes, smoothies or meals - you can increase the rate at which your muscle repair and grow.


3. Here is why Hemp Seeds can help everyone with inflammatory skin conditions such as Psoriasis. 

In diving into this topic, it needs to be understood that lifestyle, environmental and most importantly dietary factors can play a role in inflammatory skin conditions.


Hemp Seeds contain many nutrients that are indicated to improve various skin conditions including vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, iron, protein, and essential fatty acids.

Additionally, as Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil have anti-inflammatory properties, it is no surprise that they are able to ease the symptoms of skin conditions. What is great about our Hemp Seed Oil is that you can actually take it orally, or apply it directly to your skin as a moisturiser! 

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post ‘The ultimate hemp-based guide to skin conditions’ that will even include some handy diet tips to further reduce skin inflammation.



I hope this helped to address all of your questions for the week and wanted to congratulate Dave, Kate and Jenelle for winning a $20 voucher to spend on our store!

If you would like to have the chance to win a voucher - please don't hesitate to send me your questions at 


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