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Hemp Protein Powder 450g


Our Hemp Protein is Chemical Free and packed full of health benefits from the most Nutrient Complete source of Plant Protein. No Fillers, GM Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low GI, Low Sodium, No Artificial Colours or Flavours, Preservative Free, Vegetarian.


Hemp is a great source of Plant-Based Protein including Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the perfect 3:1 ratio. It is also a source of Magnesium, Zinc and Iron. It also contains free radical fighting Anti-oxidants and is a good source of Fibre that can help reduce Cholesterol and may also help Stabilise Blood Sugar. Our Hemp is Chemical Free and grown in the world's Cleanest and Greenest Cool Temperate Environments. The Hemp contained in this product was Grown and Harvested in Tasmania and Processed and Manufactured by 13 Seeds.

Directions: Use One Tablespoon in Smoothies or Shakes. Add Ingredients of your choice.

Ingredients: Premium Milled Hemp Seed 

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