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Did you know this about FASTING?

Did you know this about FASTING?! - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another 3 question Friday, this week we will be diving into these three topics: 

  1. Allan asked “Do you have any products that you recommend for Osteoarthritis?"
  2. Val was wondering “what can we do about chronic constipation?"
  3. Jerry wanted to know "what are your thoughts on fasting?"



1. “Do you have any products that you recommend for Osteoarthritis?"

Osteoarthritis is a condition that is characterised by inflammation of the joints and in the connective tissue of the joints, which can often lead to pain.

The best way to treat osteoarthritis is to actually reduce the pain, and one way that we can do this is through our diet. What's cool about Hemp Seed Oil is that it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to regulate inflammation in the body - that can help to reduce pain and other symptoms that are associated with osteoarthritis.

I would recommend adding Hemp Seed Oil to your meals, or to start taking 3 Hemp Seed Oil capsules per day, that you can choose based on personal preference.

Now, a method that I believe works really effectively to track your progress and adjust your dosage accordingly is to keep a symptom diary. 

A symptom diary works in measuring your pain between 1-10 each day when you wake up in the morning, and then changing the dosage so that you can understand how well it is interacting with your symptoms. If you find that you are experiencing a high amount of pain, you may like to increase your dosage. Whereas if you feel like you have reduced pain, you might be at a good amount.

You can download a FREE copy of our progress diary by clicking here


2. “What can we do about chronic constipation?" 

It is important to understand that as we age, our digestion naturally starts to slow down and our muscle contractions in the stomach aren't as strong - which may lead to constipation.

Other factors that may also cause constipation can include dehydration, certain medications, the amount of fibre in your diet (too much or too little), and chronic health conditions such as gastrointestinal, digestive or neurological conditions.

If you believe it is being caused due to a low amount of fibre in the diet, one great way to add a high content of fibre is by sprinkling our Hemp Hearts on your meals. 


3. Jerry "What are your thoughts on fasting?" 

Fasting is one method of dieting that we call a "radical diet", which can be known to have a range of benefits. 

I think that fasting may have some benefits. In particular, it can be effective for longevity. So, what is fasting?

Fasting is not eating for a long period of time which allows the cells in our body the chance to rejuvenate as it reduces the natural death of our cells in our body (leading to the healthy regeneration of cells).

For weight loss - I personally don't believe in quick fixes as we should always focus on the end goal, which is a long-term fix and my number one suggestion with any weight-loss diet is to make sure that you are choosing a diet that is sustainable and can be followed long-term so we don't relapse.

If you do decide that you are interested in trying a fasting diet, you need to be really attentive to how you are feeling as this is not for everybody. Your body might react positively or negatively, as this changes from person to person.


Congratulations to this week’s winners for asking some great questions! Allan, Val and Jerry – I have sent you all an email with your $20 gift card as a reward!

As always feel free to send all questions to me at

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