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3 Question Friday! Did you know this about Hemp and Pregnancy?

3 Question Friday! Did you know this about Hemp and Pregnancy? - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another 3 question Friday, this week we will be diving into these three topics: 

  1. Billy asked “does 13 Seeds sell CBD oil?
  2. Carla was wondering “are hemp seeds safe during pregnancy?”
  3. Faye is concerned about consuming hemp seeds while on blood thinning medication.



1. The critical difference between CBD oil and Hemp Seed Oil – will it get you high?!

If you do a quick Google search for ‘Hemp Oil’, you will notice that you receive both results for CBD oil and Hemp Seed Oil.

This is because it is also known as CBD oil – which is made from the same plant – however CBD oil is extracted from the plant matter, whereas when we are cold-pressing our Hemp Seed Oil, we are using the seeds.

Given that the seeds have such a low THC and CBD content, you can rest assured that they are completely safe for consumption and no you won’t get high! This also won’t show up on a drug test, so it is workplace-friendly!

It is really important to understand the differences between the two oils as you may be looking for one and not the other. If this is a topic that interests you, I recommend that you read ‘CBD vs Hemp Seed Oil?! The difference that you need to know if you live in Australia.’


2. Are our products safe to use during pregnancy?

This is a really interesting one. Naturally your body will require a significantly higher amount of specific nutrients, as when you are pregnant you have a little human growing inside of you! These include Omega 3, Protein and Folate.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These are essential for the neural growth of the baby – as they assist in the development of our brain and the eyes. As Hemp Seed Oil is natural, it is also great as it is free from the oily parts of fish skin!


HempSeeds are high in Protein so this gets a big tick!


Hemp does contain some folate, however you will need additionally source folate from other foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts as it does not hold a substantial amount.

Hemp Seed oil is rich in micro-nutrients so it is a terrific addition to your diet during and post pregnancy. It is also very safe to consume as it contains less than 1% of THC and CBD which are the psychoactive compounds.



3. Will Hemp Seed Oil interact with my blood thinning medication?

There is some information explaining that it may actually interact with anti-coagulants (blood thinners), so it is important that you speak to your General Practitioner before you start combining the two.

Your GP will have a better idea about the dosages that you are taking and if it is safe for you, as they have a better understanding about all of your personal health and condition.



Congratulations to this week’s winners for asking some great questions! Billy, Carla and Faye – I have sent you all an email with your $20 gift card as a reward!

As always feel free to send all questions to me at

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