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Top 3 foods to reduce Inflammation

3 foods to reduce your Inflammation! - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to reach out and express my thanks for all the warm welcomes in becoming a part of the 13 Seeds family!

It has been great to receive e-mails and gain a greater understanding of everybody's personal circumstances and their health goals. What we found is that there was three main themes that were arising throughout the conversations - so let's dive in. 

"How can I reduce my Pain and Inflammation?"

Let's start with understanding what pain actually is. I believe that the best way to explain pain is by understanding that pain is a symptom of inflammation that is caused by diet, lifestyle, or environment choices. Hemp seeds contain anti-inflammation properties which may help in reducing inflammation in our bodies.

"What foods should I consume?"

There are plenty of foods that you can consume to reduce these symptoms, from our range of products - these are three simple to introduce to your diet.

Hemp Hearts

Our Hemp Hearts are high in fibre, which boasts many benefits for your digestive health. This makes a great addition to salads or as an alternative to using rice in your meals.

Hemp Protein Powder

Our Hemp Protein Powder is naturally high in protein, which is renowned for its ability to repair and recover our bodies. This makes a great addition to your morning smoothies!

Hemp Oil

Our Hemp Oil contains a high amount of Essential Fatty Acids, which help our bodies in regulating inflammation.

By consuming Hemp Oil Capsules daily or pouring some Hemp Oil on your salads, this is a simple step that can be taken to get you feeling more active.

"What is the perfect diet?"

From my experience, people tend to go on radical diets that are unsustainable and often fail. I believe that the best approach is to take simple steps that will encourage you to reap benefits that are long-lasting. 

Let's get in touch!

As I mentioned earlier, I am loving hearing from our 13 Seeds family! If you have any questions at all - or think that our information will help a loved one; reach out and let's discuss what needs to be done to get you feeling more vital! 

Leave a comment below, or e-mail me at


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