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Hemp and why the buzz?

Hemp and why the buzz? - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
Deepika Gupta

The use of Hemp based products has risen astronomically over the past 5 years with the industry generating billions. The Chinese have been using it as a source of Eastern Medicine for thousands of years. It’s worth was so valued that at one point it was illegal not to grow it in the Unites States and it could be used as a form of payment for taxes. In the West, unfortunately due to it’s connotations with its mother plant, Hemp has not received the recognition it deserves. Hemp although grown from the Marijuana plant contains less then 3% THC, making it useless as a recreational drug. But it has taken a massive shift in stigmatism for Hemp and its beneficial properties are finally being supported by the billions.

The medicinal properties that Hemp Seeds contain are endless and quite surprising. Hemp Seeds if measured pound for pound contain the same amount of protein as meat substitutes such as Beef or Lamb. Pretty impressive for a nut that contains 25% of proteins containing healthy essential fatty acids. Consuming simply 3 Tablespoons is equivalent to consuming 11 grams of complete and pure Protein. They can be consumed raw or toasted, with a new market of Hemp Seed based recipe books emerging. Hemps seeds contain high levels of Vitamin E, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium, all vital for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Remarkably Hemp Seeds can be digested in two different forms, soluble fibre and Insoluble Fibre. Hemp Seeds consumed via Soluble Fibre creates a gelatinous medium passing through the digestive track and creating healthy gut bacteria to rejuvenate. It has also been linked to regulating Cholesterol and managing blood sugar levels. Insoluble Fibre breaks down waste material allowing it to easily pass through our bodies.

Hemps seeds have also been linked to eliminating a plethora of medical ailments, whose cures are normally only achievable through prescription medications. One of the most exciting and promising areas that the positive medicinal properties of Hemp seeds is linked to is Heart Disease.

It is estimated that at least 5.6% of Australia’s population suffers from some form of heart related issues, with that percentage only projected to double in the next few years. Hemp seeds have been associated by lowering the chance of a heart attack due to the nut containing the important Amino Acid Arginine. The consumption of the acid Arginine has shown proven links to increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide within our blood. By increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide, the blood vessels dilate and relax which in turns lowers blood pressure. Combinde with the high levels of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) found in Hemp seeds, studies are currently exploring the numerous amounts of positive health benefits it contains.

Many Australian’s suffered or have a loved one that suffers from Eczema. A common and broad term for individuals that suffer from redness, itchiness and pain with the skin becoming inflamed. Although there are known possible triggers for an outbreak, there is no known cause to this insufferable medical condition. For those that have it, the pain can be so bad that you just want to cry and scratch away at the irritation. Worse though are those that have to just sit there and watch as someone they love is in pain that they cannot take away or heal. Research into causes of Eczema has narrowed the cause to an imbalance of Omega fatty acids. An optimal balance of Omega fatty acids shows a Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 3:1. Hemp seeds help our body’s natural immune response by nourishing the optimal fatty acid ratio.

One of the largest aliments that women face is Menopause, and since half the population is female, it’s still largely unspoken about. There are several pharmaceutical medicines targeted to help women suffering but most of these come with a multitude of side effects, often lasting years. Taking HRT has been one of the most common diagnosed medicines to counter the effects of Menopause, but these medications have been linked with heart attacks, increased blood pressure, blood clots and ultimately death. Hemp Seeds are a great source of Gamma-Linolenic (GLA) and have been linked to reducing the symptoms of PMS. The main cause of PMS is linked to the hormone Prolactin. As Hemp seeds are high in GLA which is the acid which processes Prostaglandin E1. Consumption of Hemp seeds have led to a notable reduction in symptoms caused by this chemical imbalance of Prolactin.

Hemp seeds are making the medicinal comeback that they deserve. The positive health benefits to this plant are outstanding and research is trying it’s best to catch up. That being said, the research is already out there, we just need to listen. Adding Hemp seeds to your diet has all the positive benefits of a multivitamin that is able to restore and recharge your system.

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