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Good for You

Plant-Based diets are one of the biggest health trends happening right NOW!

Their impact on human health from disease prevention to helping us live longer and healthier is backed by medical research and science.

Hemp is nature's true Superfood... for people and the planet

Hemp is an incredible source of important plant-based Protein and contains vital Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids and nutrients. In fact, Hemp Seeds have one of the highest levels of plant protein of any plant and also the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6!

Hemp is a complete protein source

This means that hemp seeds and oils used in our Superfoods provide all the essential amino acids. Your body cannot produce essential amino acids and must obtain them from your diet.

Hemp helps our health in all these ways and is supported by Science

Hemp superfoods can benefit us by reducing the risk of disease, improving heart and brain function, reducing inflammation and increasing energy and immunity.

Take the step to a Hemp Healthier You... TODAY!

We have a great range of Hemp Superfood Products that you can use everyday, all grown and produced by us using Tasmania Hemp.

Good for the Planet

Hemp is an Environmentally Sustainable Superfood!

13 Seeds believe in supporting a healthy planet and a healthy community, which is why we use only natural ingredients in our products including locally farmed and sourced 100% pure Tasmanian Hemp.

Farming hemp does not damage the environment

Hemp is a crop that can be sustainably farmed, is hardy, and is a source of protein that does not produce climate change promoting gasses like methane that animal protein does.

Pesticide and Chemical Free

Hemp can be grown with no Pesticides or Herbicides which is great for the environment.

Quality Tasmanian Hemp

Tasmanian Hemp is grown in one of the worlds most pristine natural environments – the crop is well suited to the climate and we carefully press the seeds to extract the pure high quality natural hemp oil.

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Vegan, All Natural

13 Seeds Hemp Superfood Products are 100% Vegan*

Animals do not need to be killed to create Hemp protein and we have focussed on creating a range of food products that use only natural ingredients suitable for a plant based diet.

*(Please Note: All our products are Vegan except the Hemp Honey – but please excuse us as its something that we really wanted to offer in the range – it is at least sustainably sourced from well cared for bees and its vegetarian.)

YES they are legal and NO you can’t get high from hemp superfood products

Although our hemp superfood products could be described as “edibles”, and case of the munchies is because they are delicious – they contain no active cannabinoids or CBD and it is impossible to get high from hemp superfood products.

Healthy Recipes

We are passionate about plant-based diets, health and wellbeing and our great range of hemp superfood products – you can check out our blog for healthy recipes and more information about the benefits of hemp.



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