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Will you gain weight if I take Hemp Seed Oil Capsules?

Will you gain weight if I take Hemp Seed Oil Capsules? - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hey all, 

Welcome back to my 3rd week of 3 Question Friday's!! This week I will be covering off turmeric, weight gain with our capsules and using Hemp to help with sleep!

This weeks Top 3 Questions were:

  • Jenny wanted to know “Can you take Hemp Seed Oil capsules while taking turmeric and black pepper capsules?"

  • Connie asked "Will I gain weight if I take Hemp Seed Oil Capsules?"

  • Amy is interested in "Does Hemp Seed Oil help with sleep?"


1. Taking Hemp Seed Oil capsules while taking turmeric and black pepper capsules.

Turmeric is a spice that has anti-inflammatory benefits in the body - however, unlike Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil this is processed in a different pathway of your body.

It is always good to monitor your symptoms and if something isn't working - reduce or increase your dosage based on your results. 

2. Will you gain weight while taking Hemp Seed Oil capsules?

For each Hemp Seed Oil capsule, there is approximately 11 calories - which is very insignificant compared to the daily intake of 2000!

As the recommended daily dose is 3 capsules, these are not likely to have any significant impact your weight.

3. Using Hemp Seed Oil to help improve sleep

When it comes to sleep, it is really important to consider a range of aspects. These are your levels of stress, caffeine intake, the quality of the environment for sleeping. Where Hemp Seed Oil may help with sleep, these factors need to be considered:


You can manage your stress through the means of meditation, journaling or seeking Psychological help.

Caffeine Intake

You should be trying to avoid caffeine at night as this is a stimulant and will impact your ability to get a good nights rest.

The quality of your environment for sleeping

We really touch of these point in our 'Idle to Vital' program - however one big player in your sleep is that you don't have any distractions in the room! This can include electronics like your phone or TV. 


Congratulations to Jenny, Connie and Amy who are this weeks winners of a $20 voucher for our store.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, please ask away! You could be next weeks winner of a $20 voucher!

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