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Here are some tips to Sustain Energy longer!

Here are some tips to Sustain Energy longer!
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Welcome back to another edition of 3 question Friday! Every week our head nutritionist Ben answers 3 of his favourite health questions that you’ve been sending in. 

Congratulations to Adam, Robyn, and Juliet who all won a $20 gift vouchers just for asking Ben a question. You can always ask Ben a question at 

  1. Adam wanted to know “What are your best tips for sustained energy throughout the day?”
  2. Robyn explained “I’m a long-time sufferer with restless leg syndromes (RLS). Just wondering if you have any advice?”
  3. Juliette was curious “I love pasta, but I gain weight when I eat too much. Any tips?”


1. What are your best tips for sustained energy throughout the day? 

Fatigue is super common in today’s fast-paced society! The first step to combatting fatigue is with a good night’s rest. You can help to improve your sleep hygiene by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, making sure your room is dark, and avoiding stimulants in the bedroom (eg. smart phones, tv etc). 

You could try fasting during the day to see if it works for you, just keep in mind that it may take some time for your body to adapt to feeling more energetic throughout the day and you may feel fatigued at the start, or it may not benefit you at all (it’s not for everyone!).

The keto diet (high fat diet) may be an approach to consider as people report that they have more sustained energy throughout the day, this may be due to the fact you’re avoiding insulin spikes after carbohydrate-dense meals. Just keep in mind that these are pretty radical approaches and it’s best to discuss with your health professional before changing your diet.

Coffee is great for energy and focus, just consider that what goes up must come down! Caffeine blocks adenosine, a chemical that makes you feel sleepy so you may get double the effect of adenosine after punching a few coffees (be careful to avoid too close to bedtime too!) (1)

A couple of other things to consider… make sure you’re eating adequate protein (aim for minimum 1g/per kg of bodyweight), drink plenty of water and ask your doctor to do a blood test to assess nutritional deficiencies (eg. iron and B12) if you are severely fatigued!

2. I’m a long-time sufferer with restless leg syndromes (RLS). Just wondering if you have any advice?

Always good to rule out some potential causes for RLS. They include stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Limiting your intake of these may be helpful (2).

Interestingly, some medical conditions that include kidney disease, nerve damage, and diabetes are all capable of exacerbating RLS. Even certain medications can cause complications, so best to have a chat to your doctor! (3)(4)(5). Getting a good night’s rest, yoga, stretching and regular exercise may also be beneficial in managing RLS! (2)

3. I love pasta, but I gain weight when I eat too much. Any tips?

The main reason why you may be gaining weight is that pasta is very calorie dense. Different foods contain different amounts of calories aka energy in foods. When you eat too much energy from foods this can cause an energy imbalance resulting in weight gain.

Don’t worry I’ve got a couple of tips for you!

  • Eat smaller portions (try using smaller bowls/plates)
  • Chew your food slowly (this helps to send messages to your brain indicating that your starting to feel full)
  • Try wholegrain alternative of pasta or add lots of veggies for fibre that helps you to feel fuller quicker!
  • Add a protein to your pasta as protein has satiating effect, helping you to feel full

If all else fails, just move more to burn those extra calories. Pasta is life!

If you have any questions or are interested in a nutrition consultation, feel free to email our head nutritionist Ben at


This article does not constitute medical advice and does not take into consideration your personal circumstances. Please see your medical professional before implementing the above.


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