Alkaline diets: is there any truth behind it?

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  1. Johnny wanted to know, “What are your thoughts on the alkaline diet?”
  1. Therese was wondering, “Do you have any suggestions for severe psoriasis all over the body and face?”
  1. Jan was curious, “Hemp seed oil and arthritic pain - does it help? Do you consume it orally or apply to the skin?”

1. What are your thoughts on the alkaline diet?

Our body’s have a pH balance, this also known as acid-base balance. We need our pH to be in particular range to sustain life as the human body is built to naturally maintain a balance of acidity and alkalinity.

The theory behind the alkaline diet is that if you consume more alkaline foods than acidic foods you can reduce disease or improve your health. Alkaline foods typically include lots fresh fruits and vegetables, while acidic foods include foods such as grains, sugar, dairy products, meats, fish, processed foods and refined sugars. 

While there has been some evidence that the alkaline diet may be beneficial in reducing certain diseases, this is more likely contributed to the fact that they are eating a mostly whole-foods diet that is rich in nutrients that support good health, rather than the pH quality of the foods! (1)


2. Do you have any suggestions for severe Psoriasis all over the body and face?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease. So the first step in helping to manage this condition is to simply start to remove inflammation in the diet. This is as simple as removing refined sugars and carbohydrates, processed foods, and take-away foods.

Eating a mostly plant-based diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and increasing your consumption of essential fatty acids found in Hemp Seed Oil and fatty fish (eg. salmon, sardines, mackerel) has showed benefits in studies (2). 

Also be sure to avoid toxins where possible such as alcohol, smoking etc. to help support anti-inflammation in the body.

3. Hemp Seed Oil and arthritic pain - does it help? Do you consume it orally or apply to the skin?”

Arthritic pain is characterised by inflammation. Hemp Seed Oil contains essential fatty acids that have a role in regulating inflammation, so it may beneficial for arthritic pain. We recommend consuming it orally to get the best results.

We have had people explain that they have had benefits with rubbing it in, however there is no scientific literature for this just yet. However, if it works for you, there is no harm in trying! (3)











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