Mindfulness: From Feeling Stressed, Anxious & Unfocused to Present & Balanced

Welcome to the final, and perhaps the most important stage of our Idle to Vital program. This stage is unique, not only can it improve vitality, it also envelops all tenets of our Idle to Vital Program! Stage 3 is called Mindfulness. All our previous 8 stages have mostly dealt with the physical aspects of nutrition, therefore this stage deals with another cornerstone of holistic and overall health: the Mind. Our brain is like a muscle; when too many thoughts stress it out, it gets tired and exhausted. A tired brain is a big no-no in our journey to vitality and ample health.

Go from feeling stress and anxious all the time to balanced, wholesome, contained and in the present! But, don’t worry about how to do so because we have got the perfect solution for you!

The Minimal Effective Step

Do you feel like your mind is always racing? Modern life can be stressful! This is precisely the reason why at 13 Seeds, we have always kept things simple and easy to manage. This is the principle behind the minimal effective step. So let’s find out how to practice mindfulness to get the day’s peace that you deserve. 

How to achieve mindfulness?

1. Mindfulness is a state where you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations, actions etc. It is a state of low stress because you are aware of everything that is happening putting you in control of your life. However, it is not the easiest thing to achieve and comes with patience and practice.

2. This can be achieved through Meditation. Doing meditation for 5 minutes everyday can help in managing your stress levels and decrease your stress hormone cortisol that will not only help you to feel calm and peaceful, but also make you more productive and efficient.

3. You might be thinking, I don’t have a clue how to meditate! Our answer is simple: Guided Meditation. There are mobile apps for guided meditation, where they guide you through the process in a simple and soothing manner. Some of the apps we recommend are Headspace, Calm, Smiling Mind and Waking Up. Just remember to trial them so you can decide what one is right for you.

4. Finally! Don’t stress if you can’t focus for the full 5 minutes. People find it hard to focus for even 30 seconds at the start, be patient and practice, and you may start to realise the huge change in your perception and way of life! 

Quiz Time!

You know the drill! Simply click on the button below and take our quiz to find out how you can be Mindful and start living in the present. With this quiz you would be completing the Idle to Vital program and feeling more energised, mobilised and truly revitalised! 

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