Stage 2
Inflammation Culprits: From Combustible to Ready to Change

Welcome to Stage 2 of our 13 Seeds Idle to Vital Program. If you are here, you probably have taken the Environmental Toxins quiz and are ready to tackle inflammation by removing the next layer of toxins. This time in the form of inflammation culprits.

Stage 2 is all about finding ways to reduce our consumption of these agents of inflammation. So what are these inflammation culprits? In our expertise, we found that these things make inflammation take a turn for the worse: Refined Carbohydrates, Refined Sugars, Vegetable Oils and Takeaway Food (yes, you read that right!).

These are regular foods and you can’t simply ditch them. So don’t worry if you find this a little overwhelming. We have broken this down into digestible pieces for you by our Minimum Effective Step. 

The Minimum Effective Step

As we have said earlier, at 13 Seeds we do not believe in radical and strict dieting.
Our experts tell us that if we do just 3 things, we might be able to significantly decrease our inflammation and with it the pain, discomfort and lack of agility too. These 3 things are:

1. Substituting Carbohydrates
2. Replacing our Oils
3. Limiting Takeaway Food

1. Substituting Carbohydrates

Refined carbs like white bread, white pasta or rice need to be replaced by their brown alternatives. Maybe replace cornflakes with rolled oats? Or wheat with buckwheat? White rice with Hemp Hearts?!

2. Replacing our Oils

Vegetable oils like sunflower or canola oils can cause big-time inflammation. You just need to take a simple step of ditching these and getting the healthier ones the next time you go shopping. Try olive oil, hemp oil or avocado maybe?

3. Limiting Takeaway Food

We all have those days when we are ‘deadbeat’ tired and just don’t want to cook. We get it. But maybe save it for those ‘deadbeat’ days only? The idea is to limit your take away one by one because takeaway food has all of the refined carbs and oils that you are trying to avoid. 

Quiz Time!

The only thing that lies between feeling combustible, almost like a ticking time bomb and really being ready-to-change, is this quiz button which tells you to take our quiz Right Now!

Our quiz is going to take in your answers about the most common inflammatory culprits and then provide you with your Minimum Effective Step of removing these nasty culprits. All this while silently preparing you for our next stage where we bring in our inflammation Cavalry! 

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