Idle to Vital:
The Cleansed Phase

Welcome to the first phase of your journey of going from Idle to Vital. A clean body is the cornerstone of good health. The Cleansed Phase will help you relieve pain, increase mobility, and improve the overall quality of life.

The Cleansed Phase is based around fighting inflammation. Inflammation can be a bit confusing because there is a good kind and a bad kind. In order to know what actually is this ‘good’ (acute) and ‘bad’ (chronic), check out our video for a detailed explanation.

So get aboard and experience a newfound increase in the quality of your everyday life like never before!

How do we do that?

At 13 Seeds, we pride ourselves on keeping things simple and honest.

We don’t believe in radical dieting or week-long fasting. This is why we have painstakingly developed what we call the ‘Minimum Effective Step’. The idea is to find the minimum step that gets you the maximum benefit. For this, we’ve made quick quizzes that will give you your personal and individualised minimum effective step. All you have to do is get started!

To make it easy for you to follow, we have divided this phase into 3 stages:

1. Cleaning Environmental Toxins
2. Removing the Inflammation Culprits
3. Bring in the Anti Inflammation Cavalry

So, let’s get started with first flushing out some of the most common toxins found in our lives out of the systems one step at a time with our Stage 1: Cleansing Environmental Toxins.

Let's dive into Stage 1: Cleaning Environmental Toxins

In order to kickstart our cleanse, first, you need to clean your environment inside out. This means we are going to start with cleaning all the external toxins we are constantly consuming almost unconsciously. That’s what this phase is all about. About truly going from Cluttered to Clean.

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