Idle To Vital:
Immune Phase

Welcome to the second phase of our Idle to Vital Program, where we will be working on our immunity. The Immune Phase may help to prevent you from feeling sick, run down and worn out all the time by supporting your immune system.

You’ve come here from the Cleansed Phase with an improved quality of life. This step we methodically help to improve our immunity. Your newly cleansed body is now ready for providing the necessary support that the immune system requires.

So we hope you are all set for experiencing a new era in your sense of health!

How Do We Do It?

In order to achieve this healthy immune system, we at 13 Seeds have developed a simple and highly effective 3-Step approach.

You already know about our Minimal Effective Step. The idea is to find the minimal step that gets you the maximum benefit. For this, we’ve made quick quizzes that will give you your personal and individualised minimal effective step. All you have to do is get started!

The 3 Steps of our Immune Phase are mentioned below

1. Rest Up!
2. Immune System Pillars
3. Optimising the Immune System

So let us get started on our second phase of the program and proceed to Stage 1: Rest Up, the first step in providing support to your immune system!

Proceed to Stage 1

In order to strengthen our immunity, one of the first things you need to do is start getting proper sleep! Sounds unbelievable right? How can a simple good night's sleep improve one’s immune system? The truth is, it very well can. Tune in to our Stage 1 to know all about what proper sleep is and how to achieve it. 

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