Optimising the Immune System:
From Hope It Works to Know It Works 

You have rested well and you are working on strengthening the pillars of your immune system. All that remains now is a simple optimisation drive through essential vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal immunity! You’re probably already feeling more active and healthy. However, a robust and well supported immune system will ensure you’re ready to fight off infection, viruses and all sorts of harmful agents.

Welcome to the Final Stage of our Immune Phase, where we support the body to help prevent feeling sick and tired all the time to feeling healthier and invigorated!

We keep buying vitamin C and zinc supplements and keep hoping that they work. But the truth is, everything our immune system needs to function can be found in the diet! So, why hope when you can easily obtain these nutrients from a balanced diet that include vitamin a, vitamin c, zinc and iron.

Minimal Effective Step

These 4 vitamins and minerals do not need to be consumed in radical doses. So we have devised some simple effective steps through which you can consume these micronutrients in the required amount daily through your everyday diet. Add some hemp foods every now and then and you’re on your way to providing everything you need to optimise your immune system.

Before you take the quiz below, let us go understand these 4 steps in more detail!

1. Iron

Iron has varied functions in our body along with being a central constituent of blood. There are two types of iron: Heme iron (found in animal products) and non-heme iron (plant based foods). Non-heme iron is also as good as the heme one, however you need to consume more due to poorer absorption. One can find lots of iron in legumes (beans, lentils, peas), soy products, hemp products and green leafy vegetables like Spinach.

2. Zinc

Zinc plays a major role in the development and optimal functioning of the immune system and can be consumed through the diet easily. Some foods that contain high amounts of zinc are oysters, red meat, nuts, seeds, hemp seeds, and lentils. 

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A doesn’t get the spotlight like it is close relative vitamin C, but it has critical functions when it comes to improving your immune system. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve immune functions. So find your daily dose of vitamin A through these foods: Tuna, Avocado, Hemp, Almonds and Sweet Potatoes. 

4. Vitamin C

The popularity of vitamin C can be owed to the supplement industry, sure, but it does have a lot of benefit. Some of the more well-known sources are citrus fruits (eg. oranges and lemons), however there are some other sources that miss the spotlight that also contain large amounts of vitamin C such as cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli and Cauliflower), red and yellow capsicums and even tomatoes!

Quiz Time

So we bet you are pretty excited about starting to optimise your immune system, strengthen it and feel rejuvenated! Well your wait is over as soon as you click on this Quiz button! Take our quiz now to find out your Minimal Effective Step and take control of your health the right way.

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