Rest Up:
From Fatigued to Restful

Modern living is almost always a compromise on good sleep, be it using electronic devices before sleeping or sleeping for a limited number of hours due to the pressures of life and work! Welcome to the first stage of your Immune Phase in our Idle to Vital Program. In this stage, we will turn our gaze to what is usually ignored - the importance of a good night’s sleep. Our immune system largely benefits from restful and good quality sleep.

We have found a systematic way for you to improve the quality of your sleep and match the natural rhythms of your circadian cycles. All you have to do is follow our 4 principles through our Minimal Effective Step. After this step, you should not only feel more refreshed but may also experience feeling less rundown, reduced pain, anxiety, and inflammation!

The Minimal Effective Step

The Immune System can be tricky to conquer, but once you know how it works, it can be very easy to improve and you won’t even have to consume copious amounts of supplements. Sleep is foundational although sometimes it can be hard to manage. But don’t worry, we have developed a simple yet effective strategy based on the principles of a good sleep in order to help you.

So check out these simple ways in which you may slowly and over time improve the quality of your sleep!

Take uninterrupted sleep for 7-9 hours in a day.

We all know how essential sleep is for our body and mind, and this is often neglected as we go about our busy lives; be it working, binging TV shows or anything else - A 7-9 hour sleep is important for the body to do its repair works. This sleep should be uninterrupted. Melatonin, our sleep hormone is produced in abundance if you sleep well and helps to regulate our internal body clock.

Use the Bedroom for Sleeping and Intimacy only

Our second step is really simple. It says don’t eat, work or do anything else on your bed apart from sleeping! Why so you say? Because when we do these activities they can stimulate our brain and can cause difficulty falling into a relaxed and tranquil state to fall asleep. Not only that, electronic devices emit ‘blue light’ that trick our brain into thinking it’s still day time.

Avoid Caffeine Before Bedtime

Once again, at 13 Seeds, we don’t take radical actions. We know that our brain doesn’t work that way nor do good habits develop over one night. So no one is telling you to not have coffee. However, just by simply avoiding coffee/tea about 4-6 hours before bedtime we can ensure we are given our bodies adequate time to remove caffeine from the body that can cause complications with sleep.

Some Sunshine for a Good Night’s Sleep

Vitamin D is very essential to getting quality sleep. Being in the sunlight for 30-60 mins of your day can help you to improve your sleep quality. How? Because sunlight has the blue light which tells your brain it is daytime. It also may improve your efficiency during the day by improving the circadian rhythms.

Quiz Time

Although we at 13 Seeds pride us on keeping things simple, there is probably no doubt that this is one of the simplest things one can do to improve the quality of their life! We won’t make you wait more now that you have gotten a good sense of how you can benefit by our Rest Up stage. Through this quiz you can find out your Minimal Effective Step.

So get going and take this quiz to have dreamy nights and refreshed mornings you deserve!

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