Idle to Vital: Vitality Phase

Welcome to the third and final phase of our Idle to Vital Program, where we will be strengthening our final and one of our most important foundations for health: Vitality. This stage is about fine tuning the work you’ve already done to provide you with energy, enthusiasm and confidence to finally reach optimum vitality!

What is vitality? It is simply a state of being healthy, capable and energetic! And how do we improve our vitality? By following the 3 simple steps that our Nutritionists have intelligently broken down to ensure maximum vitality with minimum effort.

So let’s get started on your final journey to feeling healthy, happy and vital to your core!

How Do We Do It?

Once vital, you will experience newfound energy and enthusiasm flowing through your blood. For a lot of people this can be difficult to do as there is a lot of misinformation out there. That’s exactly why we have developed 3 simple steps, that together form the cornerstone of vitality and optimum health.

Now that you’re Cleansed and Immune'd, you’ll already be reaping the benefits, making these final 3 steps easy to follow and implement into your life. Let’s first briefly explain how vitality works before you proceed to stage 1.

The 3 Steps of our Vitality Phase are:

1. Get Moving
2. Energy Efficiency
3. Mindfulness

So let's get started on our third and final phase by proceeding to stage 1: ‘Get Moving’ where we will make the transition from being tired and idle, to being energetic and mobile. 

Proceed to Stage 1

In order to experience greater energy and vitality, one of the first things that we need to do is to move them bones and muscles. Sounds counterintuitive enough? How can exercise which uses energy, also provide energy? Head on to stage 1 and find out how exercise can boost our energy levels.

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