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Xmas Gift Challenge FAQ

Xmas Gift Challenge FAQ - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm
Asaf Katz
How Do I Check My Status?

To check your status of referrals, simply go to, log in to your account and your referral status should appear on the bottom left of the screen, like so:


How long is the store credit good for?

Your mates will have 30 days to use their credit. You will have 6 months to use your credit.


What can I use the store credit for?

You can use the store credit for any product on our store.

Can I use the store credit for shipping?

Unfortunately, the credit will not cover shipping costs as we rely on several external parties for that purpose. We do offer free shipping over for purchases over $90  and get very competitive rates for our shipping under that amount.

Who can I contact if I have an issue with my status? 
You are always welcome to contact us at or on our phone 03 9052 4161
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