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Terry Memory
Hemp Rissotto Anyone? - By Terry Memory - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hemp Risotto Anyone? - By Terry Memory

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a profound discussion on Nutrition (more apt description would be Human Nourishment) by renowned alternative Physician Lakshmi Prasanna. As she moved through her presentation she constantly painted ‘the big picture’ of our human interaction with food and the far larger implication it has in relation to our ‘human’ and ‘spiritual’ health. Her insights embraced the smaller and larger worlds of consciousness and what it truly means to be connected in both an inner and an outer sense. What I really liked most about her discussion was her ability to elucidate the deeper...

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Terry Memory
Hemp - The Tie That Binds - By Terry Memory - 13 Seeds Hemp Farm

Hemp - The Tie That Binds

I remember the deflated feeling that hit me after the local Organic Certification agent came to visit our farm back in 2009. After finally moving into our new found rundown and rustic paradise our unbridled enthusiasm literally runeth over. All the plans and ideas that had been excitedly hatched during our suburban dinner parties, from perfected chook shed designs, hot water composting systems to even growing our own fish! They all now finally had a chance to come to life. Everything was an opportunity and the biggest issue we faced was simply how to schedule which environmentally conscious, soul fulfilling task would get priority...

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